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We bet on people

For Indigo Energy International, the main asset is our Human Talent. Therefore, we are dedicated to attract the most qualified professionals, recognized for their work and expertise in processes, engineering, mechanics, mechanical design, civil, electricity, instrumentation and control. Other areas are also highlighted and widely valued by our organization, for the development of our operations.

The accumulated trajectory of our entire group of engineers means that our executions are precise, of great safety and quality. We are proud to know that we have ample knowledge and proven experience, in each executed project.

The sectors in which we specialize most are Energy, Oil & Gas, and Construction.

Being experts gives us the opportunity to offer an added value to the final client, because not only we place at your disposal a service, but also updated knowledge, the expertise and advice of the most experienced to provide relevant and effective solutions.

Security is our flag

Indigo Team Commitments

¿Would you like to join our team?

We know that balance is fundamental for the intervention of our company, in the development of projects. That is why we fully follow the international parameters that guide our conduct, in a reliable and safe way.

We are responsible and respectful with the environment and our collaborators. Hence, we maintain collaboration agreements within our company so that the most experienced provide training and training to the rest of the team.

In this way, we encourage constant updating and respectful interrelation, recognizing the skills and abilities of all.

From Indigo Energy International's Human Talent, we believe that trust is fundamental in all the areas in which we operate and, in this sense, we ensure that everyone's behavior is clean, respectful and up-to-date.

All of us who are part of Indigo Energy International , establish an agreement of transparency and professional responsibility to guarantee the best practices.

We have a culture of "Commitment" that translates into providing more than what has been asked of us. In this way, we have a commitment to results (we ensure compliance), to sustainability (developing businesses with a strategic focus) and to people.


If you agree with our philosophy, you seek to grow within our organization and feel immense desire to provide good ideas


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We are known for acting with honesty, integrity, quality, dignity and ethics.


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