Corporate Culture


The passion for what we do, commitment, discipline, excellence and responsibility are some of the characteristics that define our behavior.

Therefore, we put the greatest effort in providing the best results in each project, aligning our actions with the objectives of our customers because we know that we all move the right work and well done.

When we say that our practices are complete and safe is because we operate with high quality standards, certified by national and international organizations that guarantee and support each of our tasks.

Within our company, we seek to improve our processes to keep us at the forefront of new technologies in design and execution engineering.

We know that having knowledge and experience is not enough. That is why we strive - every day - to do things better and better.

In this regard, we constantly train and train our employees to maintain a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

We strengthen our values and select those who, like us, see opportunities in the most challenging situations and encourage them to go through a constant line of improvement, based on Integrity, Quality, Commitment and Teamwork.

From there our mission and vision is born. For Indigo Energy International, culture is - in itself - a reflection of the behavior of all its employees and for us this must go hand in hand with respect for them. We like to comply with the planned and also exceed expectations based on constant development.







We promote good human and corporate behavior in all circumstances. Integrity is doing the CORRECT.

Each action undertaken is characterized by good work, good faith and the confidence to carry out the best practices, with awareness and respect.


Quality is determined by excellence in everything we do. We allow ourselves to be open to change and global thinking, so that we contribute to continuous improvement.

For us, quality is a way of being and doing. It is a daily challenge that, permanently, governs all the aspects in the decision making, operation and commercialization of our company.

We focus on complying with the plans and, additionally, make our best efforts to exceed the expectations of compliance with the commitments made and the company's objectives.

At Indigo Energy International, we seek to encourage the professional development of employees and compensate them appropriately.

Thanks to the participation of all, we achieve the best solutions and efficiency.

We remain open to new ideas to achieve the objectives. We recognize that some problems are complex and involve diverse areas. That's why we respect differences. All this, for the sake of reaching optimal solutions.

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