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IPC – «San Diego de Cabrutica» Thermoelectric Generation Plant


Project Information

  • IPC - "San Diego de Cabrutica" Thermoelectric Generation Plant
  • 2008
  • National Electric Corporation – CORPOELEC
  • José Gregorio Monagas Municipality, San Diego de Cabrutica, Anzoátegui State
  • Energy
  • 300 MW

Scope of the project

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Project, developed in an area of ​​20 hectares, which includes the supply, transportation, installation and commissioning of two generation turbines of 150 MW each (on site), simple cycle and gas fuel. It has the possibility of future installation of a combined cycle, expanding the installed capacity of the plant.

The Balance of Plant (BOP) covers the gas treatment systems, service air and instruments, drinking water, effluent collection and treatment, control room, telecommunications, as well as service buildings, control room, administrative buildings, warehouse and maintenance workshop, as well as a residential camp for the plant’s permanent operation and maintenance personnel. It also includes the training of personnel responsible for the operation and maintenance of the plant.


Increase in the installed capacity of electrical generation in the east of the country, improve the quality and reliability of the electrical service, and satisfactorily support the growth of the country’s electrical demand.

Contribution to the National Interconnected System, Orinoco Oil Belt and communities of Edo. Anzoátegui.



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