Indigo Energy International


Corporate Culture

In Indigo Energy International (IEI) our goal is to obtain the best results in everything we do, always focused on innovating, learning and meeting the objectives of the organization.

We constantly promote positive leadership, commitment, responsibility and passion in our work team, always under strict quality standards.

This is what characterizes us!


Provide global solutions in the area of industrial development and infrastructure, with the highest quality standards, generating satisfaction for our customers, suppliers, collaborators, shareholders and society in general.


To be recognized as a leading company with world-class standards in the industry.



It is excellence in what is done, to be open to change and global thinking that contribute to continuous improvement. It is a way of being and doing, a daily challenge that will permanently govern all aspects of decision-making, operation and marketing in the organization.


Good human and corporate behavior in all circumstances. It is to do the right thing.


It is to comply with what was planned; it is to make the greatest efforts in all circumstances to overcome expectations of compliance with commitments, the objectives of the company and the needs of the client. The company will encourage the professional development of employees and will pay them adequately.


It is to achieve shared solutions, to be efficient, open to new ideas, to recognize that problems are complex and involve various areas, with respect to differences, all this in search of optimal solutions.


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