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IQ NET Recognized Certification

IQ Net is an international Certification network founded in 1990 and has 37 associated certification bodies and more than 400 offices worldwide, certifying different areas such as quality, environment, occupational health and safety, food safety, social responsibility and information technology. This is the World’s leading, most credible and trusted network of certification bodies.

The IQ Net certificate is used so that companies and organizations can be accredited worldwide level since they are certified with a certain regulation in all Countries.

IEI has implemented its ISO 9001 Quality Management System and its Environmental Management ISO 14001, both certified by FONDONORMA (main entity certifier in Venezuela).

FONDONORMA is an active member of the network IQ Net, which has allowed us to obtain other equivalent certificates signed by this organization. In this way, IEI uses the certificates of FONDONORMA in Venezuela, and in any other country in the world it can uses the Certificates of IQ Net.


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